About studio

Vladimir Vasić was born in 1962 in Belgrade, where he was brought up and studied electrotechnics. He has been engaged in photography since childhood, when he got his first camera and mini photo laboratory for developing black and white photos. Already in secondary school he successfully experimented with color photography, which was very uncommon in 1977. His professional engagement started in 1983 when he opened his first photography shop, and in 2007 a digital photography studio.

Vladimir Vasić is the founder of the Nongovernmental Organization “Republic Union for the Protection of Culture, Art and Ecology”, within which “Leonardy Studio” for digital photography is operating. The basic activity of this organization is production of photography which communicates through art and processing of ecological themes with wider public. Its goal is to point to the values of the environment we live in and to the importance of its natural resources.

Vasić participated in several group exhibitions and artistic projects home and abroad.